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    I Haven’t noticed any thread talking about the actual status of the customer service in the forms so after receiving great service and support from kratomone i decided i should leave a review of their service!

    1)I chose the option of the flat rate shipping option and i was sure it would be a week minimum for me to get my package considering i live in Georgia and kratomone is based in Cal, that was not the case. I ordered on the 23rd and received my package on the 25th! Great speed.
    2)secondly i had a few questions through out my order and emailed the support email, the service was once again great and all my questions where answered! This is really big to me since my order seemed just as valued as the homeless guy down my road that buys a estemated 5 lbs a month
    3)third the product was just simply great. Real quality with no additives it seems like!
    All these qualities really inclined me to find some way to leave this review.

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    Thank you for this review! I was a bit scared of buying Kratom my first time from a shady website because it seems like there’s a lot of them out there. Your review pushed me to go ahead and try kratomone’s 4 sample pack so I could try some variety to find what’s best for me!

    My first ever order I’m hoping will arrive on this coming Monday!! I’m pretty excited because I have a heavy opiate addiction and I’m hoping to wean myself off and possibly try to have a safe withdrawal from opiates.



    So what was the word on this Kratom? I have been trying many different products out there, but it is getting just too damn expensive. So these reviews are important. I would love to find a decent company that offers a good and consistent product so i could simplify my purchases, but I feel like I will be sampling different companies forever…

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