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Kratom has long been used by several societiesfor several purpose. We’re sure you know what Kratom is, but how do people use it? There are a number of ways in which Kratom is consumed. The way people choose to consume Kratom simply depends on what suits them best.

If you’re curious about Kratom dosage, for whatever reason, you’re in the right place. You can read about the dosage Kratom consumers use and their method of consumption below

Disclaimer: This article is purely for research purpose. KratomOne does not condone the consumption of Kratom in any form. The details below are for informational purposes only.

How to use Kratom?

Truth to be told, there’s no best method of taking Kratom according to users. Instead, people recommend trying out different methods and choosing the one you like more. Here are some well-known, tried, and tested methods of using Kratom.

Direct Eating its Leaves

When Kratom was first discovered, people consumed it raw by eating the leaves of the plant. The accepted method was to remove the fiber-like venis from the leaf’s middle, wash the leaf, and then start chewing it until it could be swallowed. Supposedly, such a method is time-consuming and difficult because raw leaves aren’t very easy chewable.

Taking Kratom Powder with Water

This is supposed to be one of the most common ways to use Kratom, and is also known as toss and wash. All users have to do is place their desired quantity of powder in their mouth and down it with a glass of water. People say that you should mix these two in your mouth before swallowing the mixture. Other users also make a mixture of water and Kratom powder beforehand and then drink it.

Swallowing a Kratom Capsule

Those who aren’t really fond of tasting Kratom, use it in the form of a capsule or pill. This way, they don’t have to taste it and can quickly consume it. However, this supposedly isn’t the best method from the viewpoint of Kratom’s herbal action. As stated by consumers, these Kratom capsules have a longer activation period.

Drinking Kratom Tea

Making Kratom tea is a popular option among people who don’t like to consume Kratom simply with water. They just have to add their desired amount of Kratom powder to water. Boiling this mixture prepares a stained tea that users say they can easily drink. Adding Kratom to regular tea or using honey or white sugar in pure Kratom tea is also said to make it taste better.

Adding Kratom To Your Regular Food

Another popular way to take Kratom is by using Kratom powder in daily meals. There are a number of foods and beverages Kratom powder can be added to, as maintained by users. This way, they don’t have to endure the taste of raw Kratom. Here are some ways consumers mix Kratom in their food:

  • Add it to their protein shake or milkshake
  • Mix its powder with fruit juices and smoothies
  • Prepare a chocolate drink with it
  • Add it to ice-cream

This method, however, comes with some disadvantages. In the opinion of users, Kratom’s ability to act best on an empty stomach is slowed down slightly if it is consumed with food. Nonetheless, this is supposedly the easiest way to consume Kratom.

Consuming Kratom’s Paste

Many people also take Kratom by preparing its paste. Adding Kratom powder to a creamy, frothy, yogurt-like mixture is said to form a thick paste. Such a paste is normally consumed with water. Some people also consume the paste as it is if they like the taste. A well-liked way to make a paste is by adding Kratom powder to applesauce.

Using Kratom Resin

People often prepare a resin of Kratom. This is done by putting powdered Kratom in water and boiling it. The mixture is boiled to the point where all the water has evaporated. Later, the remaining powdered substance is cooled down and stored for use.

These are the most common ways Kratom is consumed by users all around the world. Some consumers also attempt to smoke Kratom. However, smoking Kratom is detrimental to your health and should not be attempted under any circumstances.

Appropriate Dosage

There’s no way to determine a fixed dosage of Kratom for everyone. As per users, people react differently to different dosages. This difference supposedly arises because of a number of factors.
Before going into the math of Kratom dosages, it is relevant to look at the factors that seemingly determine the appropriate dosage for an individual. Here are some of those:

User’s Health: Anyone with severe illness is not advised to take even a small amount of Kratom. Some people may also be highly allergic to Kratom and thus cannot take it. There is also no guarantee that Kratom will be effective for everyone – a lot of it depends on your current physical state.

User’s Age: Your age can also determine whether or not a high dosage of Kratom would suit you or not. People of a lower age are usually advised to take low dosages.

User’s Weight: Your weight also has a significant role to play in determining whether or not a high dosage would suit you. If you’re underweight, Kratom users say you should not take more than a gram of Kratom when consuming it for the first time.

Usage Method: As has been stated already, different methods of using Kratom have different effects on users. The way a person uses Kratom determines whether they need to take a lot of it or not.
Kratom is a natural herb, but there is still a lot of research that needs to be done on it. This makes it important for users to carefully decide their dosage. Experts have still not succeeded in determining what could be the best Kratom amount to take under a specific scenario.

In the opinion of Kratom users, it is better to test for your ideal Kratom dosage on your own. If you’re using Kratom for any purpose, users say it’s a good idea to start with a very small dosage. For this, users need to have an accurate weighing device. It is better to start with no more than 2 or 3 grams of Kratom (preferably powder), no matter what the reason behind your usage is.

Once you’ve taken your first dose, consumers recommend waiting for an hour or 40 minutes, at least. This gives your body time to react to the ingested dosage. After this, if you feel okay and feel the need to take in more Kratom, users say to take in a gram or two slowly. According to consumers, you should stop taking Kratom when you start experiencing its results.

Consumers say they had to repeat the same method at least 3 to 4 times before they finally fixed a dosage for their use. Taking Kratom on an empty stomach is also a good idea, according to users. This apparently helps it affect your body faster, and you don’t have to keep on increasing its intake every hour.

Generally, people report feeling better after 2-3 doses of Kratom, with each dose being no more than 3 grams. However, if you feel the need for more, users suggest you use it after consulting expert opinions.

Can Kids Consume Kratom?

Despite being a safe substance, Kratom is prohibited for children. Kratom is strictly for consumers that are above the age of 18 and residing in an area where the consumption of Kratom is legal. Therefore, no child should consume Kratom, even with adult supervision.

Is a Kratom Overdose Possible?

Overdosing on Kratom is extremely rare. Nearly 100% of the time, cases of an overdose happen when an individual is said to have consumed excessive amounts of multiple substances, not just Kratom.

Mixing Kratom with excessive amounts of drugs can lead to severe and fatal issues like coma, respiratory struggles, seizures, and hypertension. If someone you know regularly mixes Kratom with harmful substances and is facing symptoms such as psychosis, a fast heartbeat, blood pressure issues, anxiety, agitation, irritability, and drowsiness, take them to the hospital as soon as possible.

Is Kratom Legal?

Kratom’s legality is determined by one’s region or country. Some nations still have a lot to discover about Kratom’s uses and benefits. On the other hand, many have already banned its sale and use. Some countries may soon put a ban on it, but it is more likely that the use of Kratom will slowly become regulated and controlled.


Kratom is said to bear many useful results if used in the right amount. Hence, consumers place a lot of importance on the dosage and method of consumption.

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