Bali Kratom

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Our most popular variety of Kratom. This is the highest quality Bali strain that is powerfully euphoric, without overwhelming the senses. Our Bali Kratom is perfect for all Kratom enthusiasts and offers a phenomenal value.

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Bali Kratom

Ingredients: 100% Dried Kratom Leaf

100g $25
250g $52.50
500g $95
1 kilogram $180
2 kilogram $360

Top of the line Bali kratom, powdered Kratom leaf. Freshest ground leaf Kratom on the market.

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100 grams, 250 grams, 500 grams, 2 kilograms, 1 kilogram

43 reviews for Bali Kratom

  1. Willis

    I must say I was very impressed with this strain. I was lucky enough to get a good bulk deal during the winter raffle, so before buying from this website I was a novice who bought head-shop kratom by the gram. Compared to that kratom, which has probably been sitting on a shelf for months getting stale, this seemed really fresh and potent. The best way I could describe this strain would be “stable”, very relaxing but you’re still aware. It doesn’t necessarily *give* you energy it just makes you forget that you’re tired.

  2. rriggs33

    Great stuff! Energizing, relaxing, warm, and euphoric are words that come to mind. I am very happy with my first experience buying from KratomOne (quick shipping and excellent communication) and I look forward to trying out the other strains in the future.

  3. shiva_018

    I ordered 8 oz. right before Christmas. I was thoroughly impressed! It has been awhile since I ordered Bali, and this was my first order from, but it was stronger than any Bali I remember using. Shipping was quick (even with the holidays), and now I’m back. Can’t wait to try their Maeng Da!

  4. tstovall42018

    This is by far the best Kratom I’ve ever had and i have been buying Kratom for years from multiple different websites. I will be buying agagin

  5. sleepwalkingtrance

    I’ve had the Bali from Kratom One before, so I know the quality is good. I ordered it Friday at around 2pm and it came today (Monday)! Always love there fast and prompt shipping, they literally get it together as soon as you order it! Plus BONUS it came with a little double ended measuring spoon with 2g on one side and 6g on the other! It’s little things like that I really appreciate, and keep me coming back! Kratom One you were great as always, quality product, good prices, and fast shipping! What more could you want!

  6. Raoul duke

    Just got my order the other day 2oz of bali never tried Kratom before some this was a nice start.
    Product is great worked as expected and is packaged nicely plus I got the free measuring spoon.
    Price great only $20 after shipping and it only a few days to get here.
    Will definitely be ordering again.
    Thank you for great service.
    Raoul Duke.

  7. acole87

    I just tried this Bali for the first time this afternoon, and it’s nothing short of spectacular. I have warm, happy butterflies in my stomach, and I feel like a kid in the car on his way to an amusement park. I feel comfortable, adventurous, and perfect.

    I’d also like to note the beautifully creative packaging. It’s the best presentation I’ve even seen from any kratom vendor, and I’ve done business with quite a few of them. Amazing work!

  8. StrutYourStrat

    The Bali from Kratom One is my go to strain, from my go to Vendor. I’ve shopped around with many vendors, and in my experience, few can compete with the quality and service of Kratom One. This Bali strain is Grade A!! Now I just have to convince myself to step outside of my “Bali comfort zone” I’m stuck in! I recently received a SGM sample, which has convinced me to purchase 2 ounces. Thanks Kratom One!

  9. ecole2960

    I want to say how very pleased I am with Kratom One. For the last few years I had been ordering from “one” company. My Son talked me into trying Kratom One.I am so glad that I did! I love the product, the beautiful packaging, the samples and most of all (Kenneth) He has gone above and beyond for me and I appreciate him and feel honored to be one of his customers.I wish the best of luck to his business and hope that it will be around for many years to come.The world needs more caring business’s and customer service like Kratom One offers.Thanks again…..Elizabeth ( Comfort Art Jewelry and Gifts ) >^;;^<

  10. bbuteaux9731

    as far as the price goes this is some good kratom. i got 4 oz for 30 and well worth it. this feel makes me more drowsy compared to my more favored tri force blend. but this is definitely worth the buck. love this site!

  11. christopherrowley22

    Hello. I just ordered from this site. I’m new to the mitragyna and have only tried a hometown maeng da I was looking for an alternitive to opiates for my pain and fatigue. Ill be looking for good quality and fast shipping. I like the reviews and you can be sure that if I’m impressed with the service ill be committing myself to this particular business. Thank you ill be waiting 🙂

  12. a.mardirosian

    I’ve bought this bali kraton several times now and It is by far my favorite. In moderate amounts it is euphoric and relaxing, energizing and revitalizing. Great if you want to go out and have energy and it tapers off very nicely.

    I do advise to eat before taking as it can be slightly unpredictable on an empty stomach (even in small quantities) and hits you HARD.

  13. joelwhite1337

    I’ve only tried a couple other strains, but I have to say that this Bali is my favorite. It gives a very warm, relaxing, and euphoric feeling, improving your mood for the rest of the day. It almost feels as though your entire body is being massaged. It makes you feel positive and brings you back to a childlike wonder. When I take this I become much more social and overall happy. It also makes for very enjoyable gaming sessions!

    It takes about 20-30 minutes to kick in, and comes on strong, leveling out to a comfortable, relaxing feeling that will stay with you for hours.

  14. mpduryea

    1st time ordering from this vendor. I am blown away with their service and the quality of their product. Fast shipping and the product comes in a professional looking resealable bag. Product provided mild euphoria with nice energy. I would recommend this vendor to anyone, prices won’t be beat. Thanks guys keep doing what your doing!

  15. mpduryea

    This is my 2nd time ordering this Bali and I love this strain. It is much more consistent and potent than any other vendors I have tried. I mistakenly gave this Bali in my last review (the last one I wrote from above on my first order) only a 3 star, I meant to rate this product a firm 5 STAR . With that being said I am not typically a review writing type of person although I do tend to weigh my decision on vendors through others reviews. I have felt compelled to write reviews because I have received such top notch service. I have even emailed their customer service and heard back within an hour. Great service all the way around, thanks from Matt!

  16. quinn.matt88

    One of the best Bali blends I’ve ever had. It’s known that Bali usually kicks in faster but doesn’t last as long. But that’s not to say for this blend. 8 grams lasts all day long for me and does wonders for my back pain. I no longer rely on prescription medication to move around in the morning.

  17. charlton304

    This strain is the bees knees. First time with kratom and I couldn’t be happier. Energetic at first then smoothly transitions into a mild sedation. Relieves my back pain and helps me sleep which is great because I have really bad insomnia. This natural substance works wonders

  18. jls12d

    Ayoo!!!! First experience with kratom was a few weeks ago when I first tried this Bali strain, and since I have ordered thrice more. I don’t even have to try other vendors to know that I am getting extremely high quality stuff from this site. Great site, great customer service and extremely fast shipping (my favorite part). Would love to see them add an occasional random sample of some one of their other strains so those too can be tried without having to part from ordering this awesome bali or getting the sample packs.

  19. bigphilly_84

    Hands down “THE” absolute best from anywhere and any stain! I’ve tried many different stains from many different vendors and none compare to this one!

  20. Yorb

    This is the most popular for a reason. The BEST one so far! You guys have the best strains I’ve ever tried. Best vendor ever!!!

  21. Lucas

    I’ve never really been one to write product reviews but I’m going to make an exception for kratom one. I’ve tried several other vendors and these guys are hands down the best suppliers of quality kratom out there. Top notch customer service and a superior product. I’ve told all my friends about this company. Having tried most other strains, I find Bali to be the most effective for me and the price just can’t be beat. Keep up the good work guys!

  22. rew.fitt

    Bali is my go-to kratom. It is very well priced, especially here at kratomone, and it delivers every time. Bali for me makes me feel relaxed and all is well in the world. Definitely more sedating and euphoric than stimulating for me personally. Service and shipping is always excellent!

  23. Will

    First time trying kratom, had no idea how great it would be! Great price and service, this stuff has been a life saver for me, will definitely be ordering again in the future!

  24. epaulson

    This stuff is good. Cheaper and better than everything else I have tried on the market. 7 g’s is the sweet spot for me when i’m rotating my kratom strains.

  25. Kingirish

    A fantastic strain of Bali, never lets you down.

  26. Kingirish

    I have to review this strain again as the last batch I got was some of the freshest Kratom I have had in my 3 years of experience. The aroma of this Bali will make even an experienced user nod off. My dose 10g, knocked me out every time, I actually had to lower my dose to 6 grams to be able to stay awake!

  27. hoffnerj1

    5 star in every way possible. I ordered as a guest but made an account right away as this will now be the only place I get kratom. I ordered 8 ounces of the Bali and it is hands down the best Bali I have ever had. The packaging is amazing they gave me a measuring cup with two sides one for 6g and one for 2g and best of all I was given a free ounce of Maeng Da kratom which was a really nice surprise. You won my business your product is amazing. I also ordered late on saturday and got it Wednesday so it only took 3 business days to get to me. Everything was just perfect. Thank you.

  28. Garrettferrett14

    Amazing product, fast shipping. ordered late Thursday and arrived Saturday morning. Very fresh product. very energetic blend in my opinion. Packaging keeps it very fresh. Only 2g twice daily does the trick for me.
    Thanks to the crew at Kratom One you guys are awesome!

  29. chris rowley

    I just wanted to say that Kenneth from kratom one is superb with product and customer service. I will no longer make the mistake again of straying aside to any other kratom sites. This strain and this business gets 5 stars.

  30. lg100000

    great customer service. Kenneth was quick to respond to emails and happy to answer any questions I had. Quick shipping too, I ordered the kratom Monday and it was shipped the same day, arriving Wednesday. Good quality stuff too, will order again!

  31. Beth

    Awesome kratom! Fast shipping and cheap. I recommend to anyone looking for some premium Bali.

  32. Chris

    This Bali was exceptional and the speed of shipping absolutely PHENOMENAL, which inspired me to order again. Looking forward to experiencing the Tri-Force when it arrives, thanks again for the superior quality and the lightning-swift service!

  33. Jono

    BEST kratom I’ve ever had from the BEST company I’ve ever dealt with. Super fast shipping! Totally dependable! The customer service is also….. You guessed it….. The absolute BEST!

  34. Agnes

    Good Afternoon,
    Do you have any idea when you might be receiving a shipment of Bali Kratom? Your product is amazing. Great for my back aches and headaches…. Another curious question? Is KratomOne part of the Kratom movement to ban throughout the United States?
    Agnes LeBlanc

  35. David

    Very pleased with this bali strain! I had a smaller 2 gram dose with the measuring spoon that was provided and have been feeling mellow yet energetic (simultaneously). I can see this being a godsend for those challenged with social anxiety or stress at work. Hard to choose between this and the tri-force strain as a favorite so I like to cycle between them both.

  36. TimSimply

    I have been buying this Bali strain since 2014 and it has never failed to impress me. I combine 3 grams of this with 1 gram of their Super Green Malay. This combo adds a nice euphoria and energy. A must have if you are a bali fan!

  37. luke

    This is my third strain that I’ve tried from Kratomone. First: I just want to say Kenneth and the guys at Kratom one provide the best customer service. I ordered this two nights ago and used the cheapest shipping option. it arrived about an hour ago. AMAZING on the shipping and handling times. I expected it to be out for another four days before getting here, but even through VETERANS day yesterday, it made it here within 60 hours, no joke. I did not do priority.

    Anyways, onto the product: I got 100 grams to try of this product, before I make a final decision on what to stock up on. Not only did I get an awesome measuring spoon I’ve been needing, but K1 threw in a sample of redhorn. Absolutely blows me away.

    The product itself: I had already gone with my emerald malaysian this AM, so I only added a couple grams after I realized it arrived. Within ten minutes I can tell the difference, and this is exciting. Malay normally only makes me more and more stimulated, while this levels me off and brings on euphoria and relaxation all in one.

    Amazing product, amazing customer service, they’ve earned my loyalty for life! Will update on redhorn next.

  38. Karen

    Love it.. Very relaxing.. About 3g helped my insomnia and put me to sleep

  39. tlslutter

    Newbie to the world of Kratom & so excited to try. Im looking for a replacement for opiate pain meds fingers crossed I have found the replacement & the vendor. I will be sure to update my review soon as I experience this Bali..

  40. c.florio

    Dependable, calm energy at low dose and euphoric peace at moderately higher doses. I mistakenly branched out to try other strains and other vendors, but this one can not be beat. Low price for high quality. This is strong, so beginning with lowest dose is advised. Flavor is like strong green tea opposed to other vendors alfalfa dirt mixture flavor. Can’t recommend enough. So grateful for this, has helped me lower my alcohol intake and decrease my anxiety. I wake up energized and feeling healthy instead of lethargic and worn down.

  41. Josh Houeye

    Thank you so much KratomOne for literally saving my life! I have suffered from migraines for 16 years since childhood, which have been exacerbated in the past few years do to a neck injury. The pain was often unbearable causing me to lose jobs and occasionally contemplate some things I should not *I dont even like the word.*
    I’ve taken all sorts of opiates, and other than developing a moderate addiction and enjoying the nice euphoria and buzz they simply did not touch my pain. Ive tried cannabis RSHO with ‘pain relieving strains’ and again, other than getting high and spaced out my pain did not subside.
    I have known about Kratom for years, and years.. (before it was ‘a thing’ Ive always been into the idea of natural highs; nutmeg, morning glory, kratom, etc etc.) but have never tried it for some reason. Recently, after watching me suffer for a year, my gf who had been a long time supplier of Kratom One Products at an alternative health store some time ago bought me a 100g bag of Bali to test.
    This is by far the greatest thing Ive ever had in my life. Now, I do not drink, I have a low tolerance for cannabis, and have a low -moderate tolerance for opiates (15mg oxy now has the same feeling a 5mg hydro once had). That being said, I capped up half of the bag into size 0 capsules. I estimate 500mg a capsule. Only 5 capsules, or 2.5g, and my pain is entirely gone within 30 minutes! It was literally a blessing from God. I have not been pain free in nearly 16 years! Up that to 8 capsules, or 4 grams, and the euphoria and ENERGY is off the charts! Shes been getting mad at me because I will take 4 grams or so around 8 or 9 at night and be so wired and hapoy go lucky I cant go to sleep until nearly 4am.

    Anyways, thank you so much. Thank you for having a quality product and fast shipling. Thank you for saving my life. I highly recommend anyone who suffers from pain to try this. Im about to order more Bali, Tri-Force and the sample pack.
    If someome from KratomOne would email me just so I can have a contact info that would be great! Ill explain why in my reply.

  42. zeeb

    i’ve had quite a dance with this plant. i’ve only used and bought from this vendor this here bali.

    i started out at 3g then eventually did 5g once a week for several months and eventually began twice per week and increasing my dosage to 7g to eventually up to 10g whenever i wanted that original 5g feeling i first would get.

    my SO got me to realize i was doing it too much and have recently gone back to once per week 5grams. it’s the perfect feeling for R&R. i really enjoy this product and think that it is very manageable.

  43. Ashley M

    Bali is my absolute favorite and go strain. I haven’t needed my migraine medication since I started with Bali. An added bonus is the nice warm and fuzzy feeling I get with it. I’ve tried Bali from another vendor and, this stuff blows the other out of the water. All of Kenneth’s products are amazing, top shelf stuff. I want to add that I had two mishaps with orders (not anyone’s fault) and, Kenneth was SO quick to fix it. He went above and beyond my expectations. I was blown away. By far the best customer service I’ve ever had. He even threw in another kind of Kratom I haven’t tried yet for the trouble with my order. How many other vendors do that?!

    Don’t think twice about trying any of KratomOne’s products. This is my one stop shop always.

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