Super Green Malaysian Kratom

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One of our most sedative and euphoric strains – perfect for relaxation. Super Green Malaysian is one of our strongest strains of Kratom and will provide an extraordinary experience to those lucky enough to try it.

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Super Green Malaysian Kratom

Ingredients: 100% Dried Kratom Leaf

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13 reviews for Super Green Malaysian Kratom

  1. Kratom Fan

    This stuff is nice, does what it says its going to do… help with relaxation. Much more subtle than Maeng Da. As in it is not as overbearing, but not light either, just the right amount of oomf to take the edge off of a long day of work.

    Worth a shot to work into your rotation every so often.

  2. tony

    If you’re on the fence as to which blend to try first….try this one.

    It’s extremely euphoric, but not overbearing in any way/shape/form. It does make me sleepy, so I’d say this is a night time blend.

    There is nothing overbearing at all about this blend. It just delivers what it promises.

    It also relaxes the nerves and calms the mind from going a million miles an hour…..yet at the same time you’re completely sober.

    6-7 grams for me (a daily user) is the sweet spot. It will keep me entertained for 3-4 hours. Then I can go to sleep if I want, or if not then I take another 1-2 pills (I have a pill making machine at home) and I can maintain the buzz throughout the night.

    The trick with Kratom is not to chase the dragon, but rather follow comfortably in his shadow.

  3. bbuteaux9731

    this stuff knocked me on my butt when i took it. the first 2 hours were marvelous but it seemed almost like a come down afterwards where i would just crash. 4 grams got me where i needed to be everytime. i recommend this one at night definitely for sleep and recovery

  4. christopherrowley22

    Great customer service. I received my order cross country within 3 days. The products were excellent and certainly help with my pain and fatigue. I’d recommend this to anyone and have also been letting a few buddy’s from work sample it already. They agree that it takes away pain and provides energy. They as well will be purchasing in the near future. Thank you for your exceptional service and I will be purchasing on a regular basis. Thanks again.

  5. revvoice

    Easily becoming my house’s favorite blend. Smooth and relaxing that settles on you quickly and lasts a few hours.

  6. jbparker625

    Fast shipping and they even sent me a sample with my 2nd order. I like this strain a lot – its very mellow and relaxing but doesnt put me to sleep.

  7. Amanda

    My favorite strain by far. I Use Bali daily, but for those really anxious days this is the PERFECT mixer with Bali for an extraordinary laid back euphoria and relaxation!! A must to have on hand for and awesome Kratom experience!’

  8. Yorb

    Another winner here!! Love this strain. Just don’t over do it. It relaxes you to the point you’ll be laying on your ass for the whole day. Which I wasn’t complaining about, but next time I’ll take less. So relaxing and euphoric. Great vender!

  9. Kingirish

    This strain is decent, but really only as a mixer in my opinion. If mixed with Bali, as in the review above it will knock you off your bum!!! I personally mix it with Maeng Da as I feel the EGM lacks any euphoria, though it is amazing for your mood. So for those of us who use daily my suggestion is that you mix ith maeng da in the morning and bali in the evening.

  10. jerome.84

    Got a gracious ounce of this strain and was blown away at it’s tension easing effect! Increased blood flow to my back muscles and did not give me the itches like many other vendor’s relaxing blends can cause. Super Green Malaysian definitely brought me back to order again from KratomOne and their efficiency.

  11. David

    This is one of my go to strains for getting a good night’s rest! If you ever suffer from insomnia look no further!

  12. Sebastian

    Ordered this morning, looking forward to sharing my experience with the rest of you! I have not received a confirmation email containing shipping or tracking information. Will be happy to update my review when I get it!

  13. Adam

    One of my favorite strains, started using this once you ran out of the emerald green Malaysian which is still my most favorite! Amazing customer service as always, and very fast delivery

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